Specialized Units

Our Policing Units


After five years of service with the Burlington Police Department, officers are eligible to apply for a transfer to the Detective Services Bureau (DSB).  The Detective Services Bureau is responsible for investigating a wide variety of crimes and complex investigations ranging from financial crimes to homicide investigations. DSB also has a full time drug unit, which is dedicated to conducting targeted drug enforcement in Burlington.  The Detective Services Bureau assignments also include positions with the Chittenden Unit for Special Investigations (CUSI), the DEA task force and Internet Crimes Against Children.

Street Crimes

This specialized team of officers provide a unique opportunity to assist with both Uniformed Services Bureau (USB) and Detective Services Bureau (DSB). It is a one-year long, plain-clothes assignment that allows the officers to adjust their focus based on the current crime trends and needs of the department. Day-to-day operations vary and can consist of assisting patrol with various property crimes i.e. burglaries, assaults, and robberies, or can consist of assisting DSB with in-depth drug investigations. Currently, this is an overtime detail.


With one of best schedules in the country, Burlington patrol officers work 4 ten-hour days, with 3 consecutive days off. Additionally, every other month officers get weekends off. There are three shifts to select from: days, evenings or midnights. Patrol shifts differ day-to-day depending on calls for service, but allow for discretion and encourage autonomy. The patrol division is the heart of the agency.

Motor Unit

The Motor Unit have been part of the Burlington Police Department for decades and are essential to our department’s community engagement.  Members of this specialized unit participate in rigorous training preparing them for obstacles they will face while patrolling the streets of Burlington.  Our motor unit supplements patrol operations and participates in many different functions from parades, to traffic safety initiatives, and have been directly involved in dignitary escorts to include the President of the United States. Currently, we ride Harley Davidson, Electra Glides.


The Burlington Police Department Canine Unit consists of two canines trained in narcotics detection,  criminal and search and rescue tracking, evidence recovery, building searches, suspect apprehension and handler protection. Our police canines conduct numerous public demonstrations yearly and are recognized as one of the most highly decorated units in the state, consistently winning top Narcotic detection team of the year, overall Canine Team of the year, and numerous tracking and apprehension awards. Three of our previous canine teams are in the Vermont Police Canine Hall of Fame.

Airport Division

The Burlington Police Department is responsible for patrol and security of the Burlington International Airport.  The Airport Division is permanently assigned to the airport to support the Transportation Security Administration, the FAA, Airlines, and airport staff to ensure a safe, and pleasurable travel experience at Vermont’s largest airport.