Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Does the Burlington Police Department (BPD) have a residency requirement?

No, there is not a residency requirement.

Is there a tattoo policy or piercing policy?

We do not have a tattoo policy or piercing policy.

How long does the hiring process take to complete?

The length of the process differs for each applicant but it can take approximately 6-9 months.

If I have permanent residence status, can I apply?

Yes.  If you are able to permanently live or work in the U.S., then we encourage you to apply.

How long is the Police Academy and do I have to live there?

ALL Vermont Police Departments send their newly hired officers to the Police Academy.  It is located in Pittsford, VT and lasts 16 weeks.  Residency is required Monday- Friday.

How many academy classes are held each year?

There are two full-time classes each year.

Do I get paid while I attend the Police Academy?

Yes.  You will be considered a BPD employee and receive your regular salary while attending the Police Academy.

What are the fitness requirements?

We use the Cooper standards and we test at the 50th percentile. Read here for more information on testing.

Do you accept lateral transfers from other Law Enforcement agencies?

Yes, if you currently are a full time law enforcement officer (for the last 3 years), give our recruitment office a call.  You may qualify for increased pay steps!

If I have an out-of-state certification, do I have to attend your Police Academy?

That depends. The “Waiver Committee” from the VT Criminal Justice Council (VCJTC) will compare your previous academy curriculum and Law Enforcement experience to our Academy’s curriculum to see if the hours and classes are similar.   In short, it is not up to individual agencies, but the VCJTC.   If approved, the Waiver Academy is two weeks long, 80 hours, and is offered four times a year.

Does BPD have an age requirement?

You have to be 21 years old by your date of hire and we do not have a maximum age limit.

Does BPD hire part-time Police Officers?

No, we do not.