Hiring Process

Working for the Burlington Police Deparment

This profession requires commitment and excellence in every way. We are seeking talented individuals who can thrive in a service-oriented career. In return, we give them the support, training and compensation needed to be successful.

We encourage our officers to use their experience and good judgment to find creative solutions to the situations they encounter on the job daily.

We are a family-friendly organization which supports our officers’ needs at work and at home.


Submission of a letter of intent, your resume and the City of Burlington application (visit link below) is the first step in the hiring process.

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Currently there is no written exam.

We will call or e-mail you to schedule your physical fitness and psychological exams.

The Burlington Police Department tests at the 50th percentile. The physical fitness evaluation consists of the 500-meter row, with the damper set to 5. The candidate will then participate in a 1.5 mile run, outdoors. Use the calculator listed here to see what the required time is for your age, weight, and gender. Calculator

The PHQ is a comprehensive questionnaire, which outlines a candidates personal information, previous work experience, education and their financial background. This document will be provided to applicant after PT test is passed and the MMPI is completed. The PHQ must be returned to the department with all required supporting documentation. Detail is essential here. Omissions, no matter how small, could disqualify the applicant.

Each applicant advancing to the panel interview will be given 30 minutes to complete a written exemplar. After review, applicant will be interviewed and evaluated by three employees within the Department. Professional business attire is encouraged (i.e. business suit, tie and dress shoes).

Conditional Offer of Employment:  After careful review and consideration of applicant materials, test scores and panel interviews, selected applicants are given a “Conditional Offer of Employment”.  These applicants are invited to continue in the selection process and complete the remaining test phases.

During the polygraph evaluation, information gathered from all applicant materials and panel interview responses will be verified. Emphasis is placed on illegal drug use/abuse, detected and undetected criminal conduct, and misrepresentation of information given during the previous test phases.

A careful review of the applicant’s materials, test results, panel interview, polygraph evaluation and psychological evaluation is conducted by a BPD investigator.  During the Background Investigation, an applicant’s references, employers, schools, co-workers, and other sources are contacted and interviewed.  Information obtained in the Background Investigation may be compared with information provided by the applicant.  Any false or misleading information provided by the applicant may disqualify the applicant.

After completing the Background Investigation, a file is created for the applicant that includes: applicant’s letter of intent, resume, City of Burlington Application, Physical Fitness test results, MMPI results, completed PHQ, written sample, panel interview responses, polygraph results, and Background Investigation findings. This file is given to the Chief of Police and two Deputy Chiefs for feedback and review to make their final decision.

Per the City of Burlington, all employees (sworn and civilian) are required to complete a Medical Examination at Champlain Medical Urgent Care. This is to ensure employees are able to perform their required job duties. This will be covered by the City of Burlington and at no charge to the employee.

Congratulations! Good luck at the academy.

Upcoming Test Dates

October 17, 2023

November 7, 2023

January 23, 2024